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Dear Investor,

Thank you for your interest in the Stock Picker RT Software. You can use this new tool every trading day to find high-powered trades.

One simple click is all it takes to get the list of picks. Check out some of the gainers below and click through to see more information about the Stock Picker RT.

You can successfully trade the market. Just educate yourself, and get the right tools.

NEW The Stock Picker RT has been one of our most
successful product launches ever .

Why is this software so popular? That's Easy, Read This...

Dear Bill,

What can I say, the Best scanning software I 
have found in MY nine (9) years of trading! 

In one easy click I get 4 to 15 picks every day.

This must save me 20 to 30 hours of research
every week.  I know you recommend to paper
trade for 30 days first, so I waited 3 days and
made my first trade.  

Who could ask for more, more than 12 times the cost of the software in less than one day in one trade! I cannot recommend this software strongly enough.      

As I explained to you on the phone I have been involved in technology along with my father
(Tom Sr.) for over 30 years and this program is
the most accurate and simple to use that I have found.  

Forget all the newsletters and subscriptions, Just buy a StockPickerRT and take the guess work and long hours out of your trading research. 

Thanks again,
Thomas J. Cashman Jr. 


Here are a few of the Big winners from Yesterday's scan...


% Chg5.23 %


% Chg4.46 %


% Chg2.96 %


% Chg2.62 %


Lets face it. We have all seen stock picking services and software developers say how great their software is, but we are actually getting great comments from our users and you can see the gains for yourself.

You need to get this software and Try it out

We want you to paper trade the picks and see for yourself how easy picking short term winners can be. We designed this software to work in weak and strong markets and our users report success year round.

Visit our Main Sales Site if you need to, the details on the Strategy and Software should not be missed as well as the dozens of Testimonials from our user's. But whatever you do...


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What Our Users Are Saying...

Gentlemen, I can't rave enough about this program. I have had it for a short time and am blown away by its results.

I was hesitant about it at first and about spending $200.00, but I can tell you I made my investment in your program back in one trade.

Since then I have been successful in at least 80% of all trades. Keep up the great job.

BTW, I made just under 17% that same day on the laptop selling an "RT" stock pick (PLAB) I had bought the day before.

So thanks again for the great instant service on the W98 version--

I was totally impressed and have been telling the story to colleagues and friends ever since.

Finally got the time to trade using Stock Picker for the first time yesterday.

Made more than the cost of it back in about 3 hours.

Good software!

Thanks again, Richard




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  •   Fresh Picks Daily
  •   Free Research & News
  •   Free Real-Time Quotes
  •   Free Real-Time Charts
  •   Free 10 Page Strategy Guide
  •   Free Streaming Book Viewer

You Get It All With The Stock Picker RT

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